HELP!!!I NEED AMZRecorder!!!

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HELP!!!I NEED AMZRecorder!!!

Post by [IR]Mr.Bellic on Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:33 pm

hey guys!!!from last year,i decided to make videos for youtube,but i got a very very big problem!!i wanted to record gameplay from my xbox360 console.1st,i used my HD cam for that..but videos weren't really i decided to earch the net for the solutions.finally,i saw a video on youtube which was showing a software called amzrecorder.i decided to download i went to its weblog.(
& when i wanted to download it,i faced a survey!!i completed 2 of survey's demands but the download didnt i stopped.from hat day,i downloaded many softwares like snagit but they weren't now.if any body can tell me how to download it for fee,or even if he can send it to my email,i would be very pleased!!

thank u guys,for spending your time on reading this topic! Wink

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