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Admin Application

Post by Gomez on Sat May 17, 2014 5:59 am

Real Name:Marek Mokrosz

Hello Guys
I hope all of you enjoy plaing GTA SA ass much as me.I have headset with posibility for live conversation.So far im playing on this server 6-7 mounths and my history is clean as snow.My score at the moment is 24924 and my play time is 247 hours but thats not everything my plan is carry on until ill be the best.I dont wanna write any  empty promises to be admin i can only say if you nominate me as a Admin ill do my best to prevent any unwanted spam and all stuff which shouldnt be in the game.But my maine reason to be a admin is be a person who can make playin game easy as possible which means looking for players which are not intrested about playing but breaking rules and making your gaming world not that nice as it could be.I can offer more than that i can speak few languages(English,Polish,Czech).
Now i can only hope some of you(i do prefer more then less Very Happy) give me a chance become a admin which make our gaming world more comfortable and easier.At the end of this application i have to say thanks to all plyers  who love this game as much as me and i hoppe all of you like my application.Wish all of you birghter gaming futter.


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